For professional dancers and performers

How can emerging technologies be used to emphasise corporeality in performance? How to foreground the nuances of a performer's physicality through algorithms, sensors and robotics? How can technological machines be used and abused to manipulate and physically transform the human body of a performer on stage?

In this 2 hour session, participants will explore these questions through the artistic, technical and theoretical insight of Marco Donnarumma, artist, performer and scholar working at the crossroad of contemporary performance and media art since the early 2000’s. The journey will move through notions from performance, gender and disability studies, through the applications of biophysical sensors and algorithms to movement improvisation and the use of sound as a physical force capable of resonating bodies and spaces.

Sted: PULS på 1.sal

Dato og Tidspunkt
16. november 2018Kl. 10:30
30 kr.